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gig economy

Sourcing For The Gig Economy

Gig economy is the latest buzzword. In every 2017 prediction and trends post, we’re seeing the gig economy pop up as the next big shift...


Recruiting on Twitter

Twitter is the “red-headed stepchild of recruiting.” Love it or hate it, the truth of the matter is there are great candidates on there...


Strings, Sourcing And Search Tools: Live!

A live q&a session with Dean Da Costa on sourcing strategies and tools to help you find the right candidates and their contact...

Hacks For Better Interviews: Coaching Hiring Manager

Join our esteemed panel of recruiting leaders to learn how they’ve avoided potential land mines and the tactics they’ve used to have...


Managing Hiring Managers: Building Credibility

In order to recruit effectively, we need trust. We need credibility. We need people to buy in to the change we want. This webinar can help.

needle in a haystack

Is It Me You’re Looking For?: Sourcing Tools Breakdown

Dean Da Costa will present an array of new sourcing tools, tips and hacks to help your sourcing game and find talent faster.

transformational talent

Transformational Talent: Portrait of the High-Potential Workforce

We'll reveal how to find and attract transformational talent and how to create high-impact opportunities that retain the team that you have...

recruiting trends

10 Executive HR Tech Trends for 2017

Where are trends taking us in 2017? Wouldn’t you like to know the future? Of course, you would. As an HR Executive, it’s your...

recruiting metrics

ROI Demystified: Using Data to Maximize Your Candidate Attraction Strategy

Understanding ROI:Using Data to Maximize Your Candidate Attraction Strategy Running any kind of business is hard work. Hiring...

talent mobility

Body Movin’: Why Talent Mobility is King of Retention

Talent mobility is your recruiting and HR team's power move. Do you know how to implement it in a scalable, sustainable way? If not, watch...