10 Recruiting Process Failures & How To Fix Them

Failure is inevitable, in most circles its taboo. In recruiting, more specially recruiting process, failure is the path to success (or at least we hope so).

Here’s the deal. This webinar is going to be fast, witty and share some of the biggest fails that William Tincup has come across throughout his career. He’ll discuss in detail what happened, why it happened and how you implement the fix before it happens to your organization, if it hasn’t already.

He’ll discuss:

  1. 10 Recruiting process failure that his has seen in his career that impact many organizations still today
  2. How to fix the process break
  3. And he’ll give you an amazing array of take away action items that you can use to build a better organization

As an added bonus:

William we be speaking with Britt Ryan, Head of Talent at Entelo to show you the amazing back-end of one of the industry’s top rated and performing technologies.

She’ll be showing us a real use demo (not the sales pitch demo) so that we can all see:

  1. How companies like Facebook, Cisco and Wells Fargo are building their teams.
  2. How you can send messages to candidates that actually get opened, and track their performance.
  3. And how these companies are gaining immediate insight into their talent team’s output

Join us on May 2nd at 1pm EDT as Entelo Head of Talent Britt Ryan, William Tincup and Ryan Leary host this private demo on behalf of Entelo.

See you there!


Britt Ryan, Head of Talent, Entelo
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William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily
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