12 Days of Sourcing



All original materials for 12 days can be found here: 12days.recruitingdaily.com 


Additional Materials from Glenn Gutmacher

Top 10 Free Job-Hunting Resources for Talent Acquisition Professionals

Bookmarklets for sourcers – ready-to-use sets

Other how-to-code starter scripts, all examples relevant to sourcers:


12 Days of Sourcing (Wrap Up)

If you’re here, you were (probably) registered for our 2020 12 Days of Sourcing.  That means you received a tip (or two) for 12 straight days, filling your inbox with pure sourcing joy.

If you weren’t registered, head to the membership site.

We know you’re exhausted spending hours upon hours sourcing with the same half-baked strategies and tactics.  Let’s not even mention that we’ve tackled a brand new year of unspeakable challenges for the sourcing and recruiting community.

Well, I guess we did mention it.  But you get the gist.

You needed new – we all need a strategy that meets us where we’re at.  And this year, that’s what 12 Days of Sourcing was all about.


ENTER: The Wrap-Up Webinar

This is the part where we gather up expert trainers who gave you those tips, and we demo them live.  You ask questions classroom-style, they answer, you learn.

Go back to your 12 Days membership page and make sure you have your materials on hand.  You’re going to need them!

What to Expect:

  1. We’ll be demoing and reviewing all 12+ tips that we’ve shared
  2. Expert trainers will be taking questions and answering live, classroom style.
  3. You’ll walk away carrying your head in your hands.
  4. You may just thank us later.


Sound good?

Good.  See you there!

Didn’t Register for 12 Days?

12 Days of Sourcing


That’s okay.  You can still register for the tips and get a good idea of the content we’re covering here at the all-access membership site. 

See you on the webinar.  Happy Sourcing.


Thank you to our event sponsors.





Jackye Clayton, Diversity Equity and Inclusion ( DEI ) Strategist, SeekOut
Expertise in D&I, recruitment tech and a global network of non-profit, HR and recruiting professionals, Jackye Clayton is a servant leader, uniquely inspirational speaker, and a speaker, and a revered thought leader.
Twitter: @jackyeclayton
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Katrina Collier , TitleHR & Recruitment Keynote Speaker [Remote or In-Person], The Searchologist
With her wealth of experience working with clients around the world and outsider's set of eyes, Katrina will help you create change by reducing resistance and inspiring all of the people involved in your recruitment to adopt a human-first approach.
Twitter: @KatrinaMCollier
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Eric Jaquith, Enterprise Sales, SeekOut
Helping recruiting professionals with new and innovative ways to solve common problems. #SEEKOUTPRO

Twitter: @Eric_SeekOut
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Glenn Gutmacher, Global Centralized Talent Sourcing Strategy & Recruitment Marketing Manager, State Street
Glenn has strategized and operationalized talent sourcing systems, customized tools, and trained sourcing teams to build candidate pipelines in multiyear, full-time roles at 4 multibillion-dollar companies.
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Rachel Cupples is a corporate diversity recruiter and pacesetting leader. She is focused on building recruitment programs that empower candidates and clients as well as being a champion for diversity and inclusion.
Twitter: @recruitingSHEro
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Jonathan Kidder, Technical Recruiter II, Amazon
10 years of tech recruiting and sourcing experience. Jonathan is passionate about writing about recruitment and sourcing technology on WizardSourcer.com.
Twitter: @WizardSourcer
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Vanessa Raath, Freelance Sourcer & Global Talent Sourcing Trainer | International Keynote Speaker, The Talent Hunter
Venessa works to bring the ‘Human Element’ back into today’s Recruitment Process. She believes that people are the core building blocks of every business but that doesn’t mean that we can treat every ‘block' the same.
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