12 Days of Sourcing with 8 Industry Leading Sourcers – The Wrap Up Webinar

It’s Over.

It Came. It Went.

Now, we DEMO them all.

Hours spent sourcing with the same half baked strategies and tactics. The frustration. The head banging insanity feeling that you get trying to fill the same slate of candidates over and over with little success.

Is this how you want to source?

Nope. (at least I don’t)

We’ve put together what we consider to be the absolute best sourcing panel in the history of sourcing panels. It’s that simple.

The 12 Days of Sourcing delivered 12 days of hard hitting tips and tricks in December. On this webinar we are going to wrap up the 12 Days of Sourcing, demo the tips, and talk sourcing with some of the best contributors we’ve had this year.

What to Expect:

  1. We’ll be demoing and reviewing all 12 tips that we’ve shared
  2. The presenting sourcers will be taking live questions on their tips

Here’s what we are going to cover:

  1. Find people and data your competitors are missing
  2. Are you Reddit to source?
  3. Ronnie Bratchers 2 Fav Search Engines and why
  4. Paste. Copy. Sleuth.
  5. Power Boolean Searches – (yes) without using buzzword
  6. Old School Boolean Search – but with a little fancy
  7. Sourcing Instagram (Live from a bar)
  8. The Power of Facebook (ID’s and Extensions)
  9. Mail Dump. Scan. and Enhance.
  10. Hack your email with CTA buttons
  11. Let’s Hack Slack
  12. Open chat and…

Here’s who will be sharing their tips:


Eric Jacquith, Senior Director of Recruiting Strategy, Artech Information Systems
By far the smartest Recruiter/Sourcer/Director that I have met. I like to walk over to Eric’s desk and pick his brain.

Eric is an incredible thought leader and process engineer in the staffing industry.

Ronnie Bratcher, Senior Talent Advisor, Everywhere
We said that Aaron Lintz was possibly the smartest sourcer that we know. If we said it twice on one page would that make you question our judgement?

Ronnie is knows for blowing peoples minds when it comes to sourcing, techniques and tips.

Brian Fink, Senior Talent Sourcer, RentPath
As a true “head-hunter”​, I excel at direct recruiting, direct sourcing, and aligning opportunities to professionals. Working with client companies, I specializing in finding outstanding recruiting, sales, marketing, and technical professionals.

Erin Mathew, Senior Talent Sourcer, FTD
I wanted to grow up to be a writer on SNL, instead, I produce comedic recruiting videos. Close enough, right? I search for talent in unusual places to find communities of experts in a variety of fields rather than fishing from the same pond.

Todd Davis, Old School Recruiting Leader, .
I took my first AIRS certification test in the 90’s and I was the first external “Internet Recruiter”, as they were called at the time, hired by Microsoft in 2000. I have had the opportunity to work for Google, Amazon, Apple, Yahoo!, Starbucks, & ADP

Aaron Lintz, Senior Talent Sourcing Specialist, Thoughtworks
Aaron may be one of the greatest technical recruiting minds in the industry. Period. Obviously Aaron is not writing this, or is he? From tech recruiting, to dev, to sourcing training, Aaron baffles our minds every time he presents with us.

Dean Da Costa, Senior Chrome Extensions Key Holder, Lockheed Martin
Strategic Sourcing & Research Technologist, Lockheed Martin
Specializing in Military/Veteran staffing, Sourcing, research, Staffing Architecture, full cycle recruiting, Lean Staffing, Mobile recruiting, Internet Forensics, Research and Hacking.

Ryan Leary, CMO, RecruitingDaily
RecruitingDaily helps HR Tech, Recruitment Tech and Staffing Agencies tell their vision through story. As the industry’s largest content platform for Recruiting and HR professionals we offer a signature voice unrivaled in the market.

Arron Daniels, Senior Recruiting Sourcer, H-E-B
Candidate supply and demand, market analysis, and scouring the web is just another day at the office for my talent identification process. I am a heavy user and sourcer of social media and love the thrill of the hunt!

Ryan Leary helps create the processes, ideas and innovation that drives RecruitingDaily. He’s our in-house expert for anything related to sourcing, tools or technology. A lead generation and brand buzz building machine, he has built superior funnel systems for some of the industries top HR Tech and Recruitment brands. He is a veteran to the online community and a partner here at RecruitingDaily.

One thought on “12 Days of Sourcing with 8 Industry Leading Sourcers – The Wrap Up Webinar

  1. Jessica

    Hi! I loved this prezo! So helpful! QQ on the reddit one…I tried typing in the exact phrase (inurl: http://reddit.com/user) “chicago” AND “search engine marketing” and I had no results. Do I have a filter or or something? Just trying to master this reddit sourcing! Thanks for the help 😀


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