12 Days of Sourcing (and Top Tricks for Q2)

2018 is the year you become a power recruiter and sourcer.  For real.  No excuses this time.

Over the 2017 holidays, RecruitingDaily and Dice teamed up for the “12 Days Of Sourcing.” It was a series of emails designed to make you a better recruiter by offering actionable tips each day; it covered topics from Reddit to Boolean to inbox tools.

We’re going ahead and offering a full webinar where we cover all 12 topics across 60 minutes — and bring in some of Dice’s Q2 trends for the industry, including:

  • A clearer picture on what’s happening with automation
  • The role of social media in sourcing
  • Gmail canned responses

and much, much more.

It’s going to be a tremendous amount of information in 1 hour.  Be sure to follow along on social using #RDaily.


Ryan Leary, Partner, RecruitingDaily
I am able to vision and execute the big picture.
Twitter: @ryanleary
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Angie Verros, Global Talent Acquisition & Rainbow Unicorn Finder, Duo Security
Angie is the founder of Vaia Talent. A passionate, strategic and innovative TA leader, she has a unique combination of successful recruiting leadership coupled with talent brand and operations experience.
Twitter: @angieverros
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Jer Langhans, Co-Founder, Paired Sourcing
Jer is an industry recognized expert at sourcing, branding, and tools with corporate experience at companies such as; Cisco, Microsoft, EA, Disney, Starbucks, and Expedia.
Twitter: @majiksourcer
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