The 13 Habits Of Highly Successful Sourcers

“We’re sourcers, not sourcerers.” – Jackye Clayton

Sourcing sounds a little bit like sorcery, and in some ways they can be a little bit similar. Good sourcing is a mix of skills, habits, and tools. We’ve never really practiced the dark arts, but sorcery seems like a good mix of stuff too.

Every talent acquisition process commences with sourcing, and yet oddly a lot of TA pros lack the proper sourcing skill set. NO MORE!

We’ve got two industry experts bringing you the best of THEIR knowledge, live.

Get ready to learn:

  • Top 5 favorite Boolean hacks
  • Top 3 most effective productivity hacks
  • Biggest reasons why research doesn’t realize ROI
  • How to track, measure, and evaluate everything without losing your mind
  • Why you don’t get respect at your organization
  • When to GSD and when to delegate
  • Staying close to the money / first things first
  • Our 2 most important rules to source by

And as always, lots more.

This webinar is tips, tricks, hacks, and, heck  … in the words of Stefan … this webinar has evvvvvvvverything.

Come through if you’d like to become a better sourcer as the fall hiring season gets ramped up.



Jer Langhans, Co-Founder, Paired Sourcing
Jer has over 15 years sourcing experience at companies like Cisco, Microsoft, EA, Disney, Starbucks, and Expedia. He’s blessed with a lovely wife and 2 amazing kids. Jer loves doing Triathlons and boating, too.
Twitter: @majiksourcer
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James Temple, Co-Founder, Paired Sourcing
James earned his industry stripes over the past 19 years. When not daydreaming about work, James enjoys all things automotive and outdoors plus QT with his young family.
Twitter: @jamestemple
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