10 Executive HR Tech Trends for 2017

Where are trends

taking us in 2017?

Wouldn’t you like to know the future? Of course, you would.

As an HR Executive, it’s your responsibility to lead your organization with confidence and resolve. You don’t have time for a webinar where the information isn’t adaptable to your organization or you’re walking away with important information. What are the trends?

We can promise you that this learning session will be worth your time. It is not going to be a “speak at you” type of webinar.

We’ll share what we believe are the 10 most critical trends in HR Tech of 2017. If you are responsible for making technology purchases, serving as a resource “at the table” or simply want to drive change this year, you will want to reserve these 45 minutes to listen in.

You’ll Learn:

  1. An executive, impactful overview so that you are aware of new and upcoming technologies and trends in our space
  2. Real stories with real decision making data that will make you the go to resource at any table where HR tech is the topic
  3. A road map to how you can bolster your technology platforms within your organization as you look towards 2020 planning




William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily
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Matt Charney, Executive Editor, RecruitingDaily
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