2018’s Recruitment Operations Best Practices Guide

Date: September 11, 2018 | Time: 2pm EST | Duration: 1 HOUR

Little philosophical question for you: if you have an amazing strategy but it can’t be executed upon, is it really an amazing strategy?

Answer: no.

We get caught up all the time in wanting things at work to be strategic and innovative, and that’s all good — we should want that.

But we also need the logistics and operations to be there, or else the strategy will never be fully realized.

That’s what this webinar is about — recruitment operations and how to maximize it, including:

  • The types of employees you need
  • What should the tech stack be doing for you?
  • Processes
  • Timelines and deadlines
  • How to handle high-volume periods

If you think some of your processes are falling through the cracks, especially when you have a bunch of open seats, come by and get some ideas for bolstering the nuts and bolts of what you do.


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