These are a few of my favorite things – Dean Da Costa


15+ tools



The good and The Bad (Put on blast)

This year we are closing out with 2018 with a BANG! Every year we close out our webinar series with a masterful list of favorite tools, tips, tricks, and sourcing hacks. We’ve used HUNDREDS (literally) of tools in the market, paid and free. This is where we drop the dime on the good and the bad.

This is why we brought in Dean Da Cost, our tools guy to help navigate this slippery slope of tech.

Dean will be sitting center stage as he walks us through his favorite things in 2018 AND what he is excited to watch in 2019.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Live reviews and demos of tools, extensions, and tactics
  2. What Dean has loved in 2018 (and what he hates)
  3. What is he looking forward to in 2019 (and what he’s not)
  4. Q&A – A live Q&A session to get your sourcing questions answered



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