27 Chrome Extensions For Recruiter Productivity

There’s a lot of stuff out there about how to recruit better, but sometimes you just want a few actions you can sit down at your laptop and just, well, do. Who needs another discussion about aligning with the hiring manager or defining the mission of the organization? Those are crucial, but take time. What’s something I can do right now?

That’s where this webinar comes in: 27 Chrome extensions that will make the overall sourcing and recruiting process much easier for you. Stop by, grab some, add them live to your browser, and you’re good. A more productive sourcer in a matter of minutes.


Dan Louks, Senior Sourcing & Research Specialist, endevis
sourcer | researcher | retro-gaming nerd | connoisseur of sarcasm | #HRTX Squad Member
Twitter: @booleanfool
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