5 Recruiting Strategies for Filling Your Funnel Faster

5 Recruiting Strategies for Filling Your Funnel Faster

Have you ever actually applied for a job on your careers site? Yeah, I’m guessing from that blank look that the answer is probably no.  Or at least, it’s been a while, if you’re like most recruiting and staffing practitioners. In fact, the only time most end users actually audit the front end of their application tracking system or recruiting software is when a new system is implemented. And even then it was likely only to make sure that it was working.

The thing is – employer branding is the very top of the recruiting funnel. Whether you like it or not, and in companies that survive without dedicated employer branding folks – that responsibility inevitably falls on the recruiters. Look at the reverse side of this value proposition.

In talent acquisition today, we spend a lot of our time focusing on the negative experiences.  It’s an epidemic to recruitment and retention.

The candidate experience conversation seems to accentuate the negative. But what are the meaningful suggestions on how, exactly, recruiters are supposed to fix what’s long been broken?

Thanks to our friends at Jobs2Careers, we’ve pulled together this all-star panel webinar to uncover the top strategies and share their supporting evidence and statistics that will help almost any organization streamline their application process and shorten time to fill.


Thad Price, VP of Product and Engineering, Jobs2Careers
With over 14 years of experience in online recruitment and the job search vertical, he uses his cross-functional experience to directly manage the company’s product and engineering teams.
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Celinda Appleby, Global Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Leader, Oracle
I have employer branding and digital media recruitment strategy experience with two Fortune 100 tech organizations.
Twitter: @celindaappleby
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Alan Fuhrer, Recruiter, Nestle
Strong experience in Recruitment and Staffing, Consultation, Diversity Relations and more
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Katrina Kibben, Managing Editor, RecruitingDaily
For most of Katrina's career, she has been a marketer living in a recruiter's world - listening to both sides of the talent equation to understand endemic issues and conceptualize solutions for engaging and (hopefully) hiring better people.
Twitter: @katrinakibben
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