5 Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

5 Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

 Too many unqualified job applicants. Poor candidate pipeline. High cost-per-hire. Lack of employer brand awareness.  All of these are issue that recruiters and the like face daily.  We aren’t hanging paper tabs up and asking people to take a piece and call the number, right?  While some might find this amusing others don’t.

Sound familiar? Sixty-eight percent recruiters say they are dissatisfied with the  boards they are currently using to post open jobs and recruit talent to their organizations, based on a recent Glassdoor survey.

If this describes your talent acquisition temperament, it may be time for a change! Join Glassdoor and Recruiting Blogs for our upcoming live session “5 Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board,” where we’ll explore how to:

  • Define criticalboards needs vs. “nice-to-haves” using declarative statements
  • Create a vendor scorecard to help refine your  board choices
  • Research solutions by sourcing trials, freemium offers and case studies
  • Gather competitive intel and ROI metrics to justify your choices
  • Select the right  board then measure and track results
We’ll also examine the candidate engagement benefits of modern vs. traditional job boards and how they can help reduce both cost-per-hire and time-to-hire.


Susan Underwood, Manager of Talent Acquisition , Glassdoor
Susan is responsible for all technical and non-technical hiring at Glassdoor and has more than 10 years experience in Talent Acquisition.
Twitter: @susanmunderwood
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Julie Brown, Talent Analytics Acquisition and Analytics Manager, Glassdoor
Julie Brown is the Talent Acquisition & Analytics Manager at Glassdoor and has over 10 years of experience in talent acquisition, HR & recruiting operations.

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  1. Ward Christman

    As you are selecting the job boards, make sure they are SimpleAPI connected otherwise you’ll likely lose 50-80% of your candidates dropping off due to a poor handoff to the ATS.


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