6 Power Boolean Searches

6 Power Boolean Searches

Are you ready for another great webinar? This time we talk Boolean searches!

When you use Boolean searches you can get hundreds of thousands if not million of results.  To narrow your search down, try looking to target the years of experience someone has. By searching based on years of experience, you are able to:

  • Target the proper level of candidate
  • Prevent salary inequities by ensuring proper salary and experience level
  • Search a prospects experiences in their own words “I have been..”

“But if you’re even a competent sourcer or know Google well enough to just find a cheat sheet for basic strings, you should save your money and not spend your limited sourcing budget on Intelligent Resume Search – at least not until it adds some worthwhile features and functions that can’t be easily replicated by basic Boolean.”  – Dean Da Costa

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We will cover: (No Theory Just Tactical, Real solutions)

  • 6 little known / used Boolean power searches
  • 6 completely free and efficient tools that can be used for recruiting
  • 1 Very cool free tool that will make you look like a complete rock star in you recruiting organization

It’s that simple. Fast pace and JUST 30 Minutes!

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