5 Killer Strategies To Own University Recruiting in 2016

5 Killer Strategies To Own University Recruiting in 2016

“No matter what the circumstances behind choosing the University of Phoenix might have been for me and the rest of my graduating class, we had all chose to pursue our dreams and our degrees. What I thought was an admirable decision, instead, was greeted largely with scorn, shame or just plain silence.

This seems ridiculous, and you’d think that the value of someone’s education relies less on where they went and more on what they learned. But, sadly, in our society, you’d be wrong. It’s this focus on pedigree over pedagogy that, frankly, is one of the primary reasons why we’ve got such a pressing problem with the pervasive “skills gap” in the first place.

Since so many businesses and bottom lines seem to be getting schooled, maybe it’s time we reeducate ourselves. We think about the core concept and critical constructs of “education” in recruiting and hiring.” – Derek Zeller

Key Takeaways

Did you know that over 60% of students start their internship search on Google?

That means if you’re not using social media, developing your employer brand for millennials or implementing a solid strategy, your pipeline of the brightest talent will dry up.

And let’s face it. Students are the future of your workforce. Your success is dependent on building a strong university recruiting strategy. 

  • Don’t have a program? No problem. Learn how to start one with this webinar! 3 basic steps you need to take in order to build a solid internship program.
  • Understand the millennial audience and learn best practices around how to recruit and engage them within a new recruiting strategy.
  • Learn about technology that top companies are using for their recruiting program.


Luke Stone, Campus Reach Team Leader, Southwest Airlines
Luke currently serves as the Team Leader of the Campus Reach Team that is responsible for a nationally recognized college internship program, high school and MBA internships, direct college hires, and a newly developed Summer Camp.

Michelle Robinson, Director College & External Relations, Sodexo
Michelle is responsible for managing Sodexo’s college recruitment program, executing the company’s diversity sourcing initiatives, and managing corporate recruitment efforts targeted at culturally diverse schools and associations.

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