How To Build Your Talent Acquisition Tech Stack From Sourcing To OnBoarding

We’ve been debating the role of tech in recruiting for a while now. Good thing? Bad thing? Indifferent thing?

The answer, once and for all: good thing, so long as you apply it properly to solve actual issues you’re having.

And the tech stack should ultimately cover the end-to-end ecosystem, right from sourcing for open roles to onboarding and developing that employee (let’s stop calling people “resources” or “talent” for a minute).

This webinar will walk you through building out your end-to-end tech stack, including:

  • Sourcing
  • Automation possibilities
  • Candidate communication
  • Onboarding
  • Making sure your software doesn’t become “shelf-ware”

See you on June 26th for this one.



Amy Miller, Recruiter, Microsoft
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Ryan Leary, Partner, RecruitingDaily
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