Crank Up Your Recruitment Marketing: The Steps Recruiters Need To Take To Close More Candidates

You’re here because you’ve done everything right.

…but you STILL haven’t penetrated the market. 

Your brand is lacking. 

Your pipeline is clogged.


Can you afford to lose the talent fight?  No?

We didn’t think so.  So why d’ya keep doin’ that?


Will Staney, Founder of Proactive Talent & Co-Founder of Talent Brand Alliance, is going to teach you how to embrace your underdog.  


You are the Challenger.  

If you keep playing Follow the Leader, you’ll come in second.  Every.  Single.  Time.

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In this webinar, Will is going to show you:

  • The importance of understanding your candidates’ “Why” motivation.
  • How to create your unique Challenger Brand.
  • His 6-Step tactical process to building your Talent Attraction Strategy.
  • THE CHALLENGE” and defining your (and your candidates’) motivations.
  • More…  

Bonus – some really awesome slide deck graphics you get to download and stare at as LONG as you want.  Woah…  


Step into the ring, Recruiters. 

Your candidates are waiting.



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Will Staney, Founder & CEO, Proactive Talent
Founder of Proactive Talent, a recruiting and employer branding consulting and staffing company focused on helping companies evolve the way they hire and attract talent, and Co-Founder of Talent Brand Alliance.
Twitter: @willstaney
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