Guarantee Your IT Hiring Managers a Great ‘Return on Interview’

 Guarantee Your IT Hiring Managers a Great ‘Return on Interview’

It takes tech expertise to properly gauge tech competencies and experience and let’s face it most recruiters fall short in their capacity toTim Sackett eTeki interview for the nuances of these specialized IT roles. You and I know this, but hiring managers struggle to understand why Talent Pros will never really be able to tell them if someone is a great coder or not!

Tim Sackett shows you a number of things you can start doing immediately to increase your ROI! Plus, you’ll hear from real talent leaders in the field who have already put a number of these ideas into place and hear about the success and struggles they had in launching this process.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn five ways successful companies are doing technical interviews differently to choose great talent.
  2. Design a technical interview process that attracts talent, and learn the things that turn off technical talent in interview.
  3. Develop an interview strategy for technical talent that will increase your hiring manager satisfaction.



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