Doing More with Less: Maximizing Your Recruiting Efforts

Doing More with Less: Maximizing Your Recruiting Efforts

No Budget? No problem. If you’re like most recruiters, seems like doing more with less is a part of your job description. Probably because you’re not a big spender or big brand doesn’t mean you can’t recruit like one.  Let’s focus on your recruiting efforts.

That’s why you should watch this webinar. We will discuss low cost, high impact success strategies, tactics and tools in sourcing and recruiting.

As a result of this webinar you will learn how to:

  • We’ll break down how to determine what’s working when it comes to your processes and products. We’ll also show you how to adjust and measure your efforts to ensure maximum return on your recruiting investment.
  • Save time and money by getting to know some of the most essential low and no cost tools for sourcing.   In addition you will learn how to incorporate these tools into your existing strategies and daily workflow. Learn how to effectively tackle recruiting challenges like mobile, social and big data.
  • See actual examples of what works in the corporate and third party recruiting world.  See a new view from the long working histories of these accomplished recruiting practitioners.


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