If You Could Only Measure One Recruiting Metric – What Would It Be & Why?

If you could only measure one recruiting metric…

… what would it be and why?

We’re living in an era of Big Data now, and in some ways, that’s great. We know better who our candidates are. We know where to target. In those respects, data has been tremendous for recruiting.

But it also can be confusing. There are dozens (if not hundreds) of specific recruiting metrics, and not everyone is sure exactly which ones yield the best information or return. Managers may not be clear on metrics, but still know they need to demand them.

Martin Burns is coming to the rescue on February 13th, however.

In this webinar, Martin will discuss:

  • A host of recruiting metrics we’ve all heard or potentially used
  • The ones you can chuck out the car window
  • How you get to the major one you need to focus on

If the insertion of analytics packages into recruiting has confused you even a little bit, this is a great webinar for you to check out.


Martin Burns, Vice President - Strategy Consulting Services, HireClix
I like to develop new ideas and innovates solutions quickly, often from scratch, across a variety of new situations, environments, and personalities, and then implement them.
Twitter: @RecruiterMoe
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One thought on “If You Could Only Measure One Recruiting Metric – What Would It Be & Why?

  1. Rossa

    It would be absolutely the passion he/she has got for the job. I do believe people who are passionate about their job do always the best, effort more than others, look for ways to make it better.


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