Mobile Recruiting Success: Panel Discussion

Mobile Recruiting Success: Panel Discussion

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By now you probably already know that when it comes to attracting today’s best candidates, mobile matters in recruiting. If you’re like most organizations you’re probably just now starting to move.

The move is one of the most complex  and crucial parts of making sure your organization can hire the talent required.

Watch this webinar for an exclusive panel of these early adopters.  As a result you will learn so much.

  • With so many mobile recruiting platforms to choose from, selecting the right technology can be critical.  We’ll look at some of the products and providers on the market.
  • We’ll hear some of the best ways to engage candidates and amplify your message on social media. Also learn how technologies like are changing the way employers engage with candidates on the go.
  • Learn different approaches for measuring, analyzing and reporting mobile recruiting results.
  • Learn how to build mobile into your existing processes and workflow.  See how to optimize existing systems and solutions.  Figure out how to incorporate mobile into your current talent acquisition strategy.

We’ll be taking questions from real recruiting and talent practitioners throughout the discussion. If you’d like some expert advice and specific tips & tricks to ensure your mobile recruiting success, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss.


Matt Charney, Managing Editor,
Matt has walked the walked. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including Disney and Warner Brothers as both a recruiting and marketing leader.
Twitter: @mattcharney

Kyle Lagunas, Talent Acquisition Analyst, Brandon Hall Group
Kyle heads up research in key practices in sourcing, recruiting, assessing, hiring and retention strategies.

Lars Schmidt, Founder, Amplify Talent
Lars Schmidt is the Founder of Amplify Talent, an employer branding and recruiting consultancy based in Washington DC. He’s also the Co-Founder of Evolver, a social business strategy & training firm.
Twitter: @ThisIsLars

Matthew Brown, Co-Founder and Head of Product, Work4
Matt is responsible for product strategy and execution for Work4′s social recruiting tools, as well as the company’s analytics and technical partnerships.

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