Myth-busting Artificial Intelligence – Getting Over The Wall Of Hype

Here’s a fun little game: go talk to your Alexa or Siri or Cortana or whatever you have. Ask them this question:

“How tall was the President of the United States when Barack Obama was born?”

The answer is 6-0, because Kennedy was President when Obama was born, and that’s how tall he was.

But most artificial intelligence cannot answer this question. The tech hasn’t evolved to a three-step process yet.

And that’s part of the discussion about AI — we’ve been in hype cycles around it before (the 1970s), and when it didn’t move fast enough, money dried up. Will that happen again? Is AI really “here” this time? What’s the impact on recruiting?

That’s what we’ll be going through in this webinar:

  • Is AI hype?
  • What’s it going to do to recruiting?
  • Should you worry about your job…
  • … or will your job actually become more valuable?

Join us for some insightful tech and future job role talk.



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