How AI Can Make Recruiting More Personal

Due to unforeseen circumstances this webinar has been postponed.  Your spot in line has been saved!  Stay tuned for an updated date, time, and who knows – maybe even some new topics?  We appreciate you understanding!



The #1 complaint of job seekers is poor communication: the employers they’re interviewing with struggle to keep them updated along the way, making the whole candidate journey feel slow and impersonal.

As your team focuses on building an employer brand and showing your company’s investment in culture, you need to find ways to make every candidate feel respected and heard. But doing that authentically for droves of candidates is hard…the personal touch takes time!

Recruiting needs to become more personal, and the teams who figure out how will rule the day. But how does it happen? Paradoxically, it’s going to involve machines.

Join us to see how AI is going to move beyond the bot and make recruiting more personal, communicative, AND efficient.


Maran Nelson, Co-founder, CEO, Clara Labs
Previously studied Psychology at the University of Texas, where she did research on intelligence. She loves reading, drinking coffee, and speculating about the future.
Twitter: @marannelson
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William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily
At the intersection of HR and technology, I'm a writer, speaker, advisor, consultant, investor, storyteller & teacher.
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