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Twitter is the “red-headed stepchild of recruiting.” Love it or hate it, the truth of the matter is there are great candidates on there all day. People constantly ask about the ROI for recruiting on Twitter, the date and how many hires you’ve made. They want to know if you’re using your time wisely. But what you really need to know is simply: how do you actually execute a recruiting strategy in 140 characters or less?

You asked on Facebook about recruiting on Twitter, we delivered. As you can probably see from the picture on the right, a lot of people want to know who’s using Twitter for recruiting and how. So many that we couldn’t even get the entire conversation and all the comments into one screenshot.

So stop researching and come to our next webinar where you can ask our live panel your questions about sourcing and recruiting on Twitter. This panel will feature four of our favorite recruiters and sourcers: Brian Fink, Steve Levy and Jess Roberts (who had the great idea in the first place). They will cover everything from getting attention to beating the system.

Everything you want to know about recruiting on Twitter. You just have to ask.


Steve Levy, Sourcing Consultant, Sears Holding Company
They're people not candidates or talent • • #OMCchat • @ATAPglobal • Possess engineering blood, fish DNA & NY snarkasm
Twitter: @levyrecruits
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Brian Fink, Lead Technical Recruiter, Relus Technologies
Practice Leader at @RelusTech. Building companies is my favorite. Opinions are my own. Responsibility is freedom. #HanShotFirst 🖖 #bigdata #aws #devops
Twitter: @thebrianfink
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Jess Roberts, Recruiting, Blizzard Entertainment
Talent Acquisition #sourcer for @Blizzard_Ent! #Recruiting for #tech #esports #ui #ux #security. #gamer #podcaster & co-host of @RECLevel3 Opinions are my own.
Twitter: @jroberts257
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