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It doesn’t get much more competitive than tech talent. There’s more companies hiring than ever before and setting yourself apart from the competition isn’t easy. You’re literally one in a thousand, if not a million, when it comes to messages. What can you start doing today to set yourself apart from the competition? What are other tech recruiters doing?

Language is constantly changing; the world we live in demands consistently finding new ways to define the previously undefinable, describe the indescribable (or inconceivable) and reflect our ever evolving society.

Take the term “human resources,” which first appearedin 1958; even that inescapable and omnipresent phrase “big data” only showed up in print for the first time in 2001.  How can you implement this knowledge into your recruiting efforts?

You don’t need to attend a conference to find out.  This is a free webinar because…we love you.

We’ve gathered a panel of practitioners ready to share their secret sauce for sourcing and recruiting shallow and competitive talent pools in this webinar, thanks to our sponsor HackerRank.

You’ll learn:

  • Their best sourcing hacks for tech talent
  • Extensions and sourcing tools for finding candidate’s information
  • How to capture attention from tech candidates
  • And more!


Arron Daniels, Senior Recruiting Sourcer, H-E-B
Google Custom Search Engines, boolean string slinging, and scouring the web is just another day at the office for my talent identification process. I am a heavy user and sourcer of social media and love the thrill of the hunt!
Twitter: @arron_daniels
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Brian Ellis, Global Talent Program Manager, RedHat
Brian is a Program Manager for Red Hat's talent assessment portfolio. Brian's previous experience includes positions in Talent Acquisition, Organizational Development and Human Resource Management. Brian lives in the Raleigh, NC area.
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Alison Mackay, Technical Recruiting, Facebook
She recently joined Facebook Recruiting for the Infrastructure Data Center organization. Her passion for recruiting led her to be the Co-Founder of the Silicon Valley Recruiters Association in 2015 to connect the area's recruiters.
Twitter: @AM_Recruiter_SV
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Robert Allen, Senior Manager, Global Talent Acquisition, RedHat
Rob is currently based out of Red Hat's Global Headquarters, managing Global Talent Recruiting for Sales, Services and Products and Technology.
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