A Talent Acquisition Technology Framework (That Works)

Date: November 06, 2018 | Time: 2pm EST | Duration: 1 HOUR

Tech doesn’t always save.

That might be hard to hear — we’re in a spot now where many of us deify tech for convenience and future possibility.

All good. We love our phones and the fact that you can tell Siri to do 27 different things. It’s awesome. But in talent acquisition, the problem is that sometimes companies throw money at tech suites that aren’t really the solution they need. This happens for dozens of reasons, including “not knowing the actual problem you’re solving” (alas).

What if you had a better framework for how to set up your tech stack around TA?

That’s what this webinar is about, including:

  • ID the pain points
  • Know the vendor landscape
  • Who does what
  • Who doesn’t do what
  • The scams out there
  • The good stuff out there

We’ll be your guide. Come through.



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