The Great Debate: Competency vs. Culture

What side are you on?

Would you rather…

  • Have someone that is competent and work on leadership skills and creating a comfortable environment and building them as a great employee?


  • Hire someone you have to train from the ground up because they seemed like a great culture fit?

Do we REALLY want to hire people that are more “like” us?  What happens if we aren’t differentiating the nuance of certain situations because we’re more concerned about “best practices”?

Where’s the line? We’ve decided to take this ever continuing debate LIVE. 

William Tincup will moderate the hot topic of Competency vs. Culture.  This time the gloves are off.  Register now so you don’t miss out on this hot debate!  In one corner, fighting for the side of Culture, will be CEO and Founder of Good&Co., Samar Birwadker.  In the other corner, defending Competency, will be Leader in HR/Talent Acquisition, Tim Koirtyohann.




Samar Birwadker, Founder / CEO, Good&Co Inc.
Driven by the goal to help the American workplace become happier, healthier and more efficient for both employees and employers, Samar Birwadker cooked up the concept for Good&Co in 2012.
Twitter: @samar
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Tim Koirtyohann, Leader, HR/Talent Acquisition
Senior Recruiting Manager / Strategic Initiatives & husband who truly out kicked his coverage.
Twitter: @HRwhale
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William Tincup, President, RecruitingDaily
At the intersection of HR and technology, I'm a writer, speaker, & advisor.
Twitter: @williamtincup
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