Webinar: The Sourcer’s Daily Dozen

Webinar: The Sourcer’s Daily Dozen

Which sourcing methods actually work?  The ones that a top sourcer could use every day to build their pipelines quickly and effectively.  You’ll learn 12 free favorites in this webinar, from simple to elaborate — with a clear how-to on the more complex ones.  Don’t waste time with shiny objects that don’t add value to the recruiting process.

Our presenter, Glenn Gutmacher is one of the pioneers in online talent sourcing.  (Back in the ’90s when it was called “internet recruiting”) he innovated many candidate pipelining methods that continue to be built upon today.  But he is also a keen student who picks up many new sourcing methods in his travels and likes to adapt the promising ones to actual sourcing work to see which can become great enhancements to the process.  Get ready to ask some questions.  This is a live webinar.

In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies for:

  1. Which classic techniques stand the test of time
  2. Which have needed to be tweaked and
  3. What new ones need to be on your radar?

Meet Our Presenter:

Glenn Gutmacher head-100x100Glenn Gutmacher is the North America Group Manager of the Sourcing Center of Excellence at Avanade, a $2B enterprise IT solutions consulting firm owned by Accenture and Microsoft, and founder of Recruiting-Online.com, the world’s longest continuously-running self-paced online course to learn talent sourcing. Connect with Glenn on Twitter or LinkedIn.



3 thoughts on “Webinar: The Sourcer’s Daily Dozen

  1. Amanda Free

    I just watched this webinar for the first time and found it extremely helpful! I would like to get the spreadsheet(s)/document(s) used however in the slide pack I downloaded, the link is no longer accessible. May I have this/these docs sent to me please?
    I’m excited to utilize some of these methods for sourcing candidates for very niche roles at my company.
    Thank you!


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