Warning: The Future Of Predictive Recruiting Metrics – It’s Not What You Think

We’ve been talking about People Analytics for a few years now, and/or Predictive Hiring Metrics. Some organizations are far ahead of the field here, while most are still buried in standard sourcing needs. There’s a pretty wide gap.

This webinar is going to parse out some of the issues around predictive metrics in the talent acquisition space, including:

  • How real is People Analytics?
  • Should we be concerned about biases?
  • What about homophily (sameness) of culture?
  • Will this approach get you the best candidates?
  • Can tech finally solve the problem of actually defining “culture fit?”

See you on July 24th for this one. If you’re struggling with how to weave data into your hiring, definitely show up — you’ll learn a lot and be able to implement a few low-key ideas right off the bat.


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