Where No Sourcer has Sourced Before: The Final Frontier with Dean Da Costa

Hey – this session already materialized.

But no worries, the video is above.  We want everyone to experience the cosmic Dean Da Costa.   


PLEASE SCROLL TO BOTTOM for Tools List and SSaR Link.  

Thank you for joining us!


A Sourcer’s Universe is Infinite.

At least, that’s what the Master Dean Da Costa has to say.

He’s a pretty mysterious Borg, so he won’t disclose the tricks he’s got tucked in his transporter for this webinar, but we can tell you what he told us:

I’m going to show you how to source where no sourcer has sourced before.

Beam us up, Capt’n, Da Costa.

If you know Dean like we know Dean, you know you’re going to leave with light years of highly logical resources you had no idea existed.

  • Chrome extensions.
  • Tools.
  • Tips.
  • Tricks.
  • A few laughs.

Not to mention the inevitable materialization of Interactive Q&A with Dean himself – he’s kind of a big deal.


This is the Deneaus Nebula of Data that will make your life easier (and hopefully more fun, yeah?).

Set your Phasers to Stun, folks…as we Source into the Final Frontier.



SSaR link:  https://start.me/p/GE7Ebm/ssar





Human Predictions

Amazing Hiring




Prophet 2





The reach


The rest were methods – if you have any questions, leave us a comment, and we’ll do our best to answer you.


Dean Da Costa, Strategic Sourcing & Research Technologist, Lockheed Martin
Specializing in Military/Veteran staffing, Sourcing, research, Staffing Architecture, full cycle recruiting, Lean Staffing, Mobile recruiting, Internet Forensics, Research, Hacking, Social Recruiting and more.
Twitter: @deandacosta
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2 thoughts on “Where No Sourcer has Sourced Before: The Final Frontier with Dean Da Costa

    1. Ryan Leary Post author

      Thanks, Susan! We’re so happy you enjoyed it. We have another Dean webinar coming up on 08/13 at 2 PM EST.

      “Solving the Mystery of Sourcing in Code Repositories, Dev Sites, and Tech Communities.”

      We’d love to see you there!



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